pwned By Uchiha Hanafi VulExSec

Hello Admin VulExSec Was here, don't panicque were just want to party in your Security!! S.O.R.R.Y..

My name is Uchiha Hanafi,i will back if i see again bug in the your web...nice to meet you admin :).......

We are not Anonymous or hacker...We are just kid like Course about internet Language

if Your actions are illegal, against democracy, human rights, international, and maritime laws,Were are not forgive. Expect Us!!


..::Greetz: Uchiha Hanafi, KacangSoya, Atari404, Fatalerror98, D1A7, black Hole, Mel, Tn.D4n14L, Cyber Kiyoshi, 47, Dr4go, Xor, Nazz, HxmsoloCoder and for your admin:/::..