We don't need a leader. We have ideas. Ideas are bulletproof We started out as a group of people controlled for no reason It's not for nothing that we do this, it's all for the freedoms the government has restrained. Behind this monitor screen I can see the world We grew to believe we were innocent until proven guilty, but the truth is we're always convicted It's not as easy as other people see it, and it's not something everyone can do No one knows our identity My world is much more interesting than theirs They take me for granted in the real world, but they don't know I'm inside” Cyber ​​World” We do the things we do for the people, not for our own sake like fame. When we all have access to information, we are strong. When we are strong, we still have the power to do the impossible. Believe in the vibes you get, energy doesn't lie. When gambling, one must know their opponents, and their weaknesses. Especially, if the opponent is a machine you are only a click away from finding your true self Learn Today, Apply Today Never underestimate the determination of a child who is rich in time and poor in money There are few sources of energy that are so powerful as a procrastinator Most hackers are young, because people tend to be adaptable. As long as you stay adaptable, you can always be a good hacker Hackers are talent. You won't learn it in school. It's like being Messi or C.Ronaldo. If you were born to be a Hacker, it is your destiny. Otherwise you will be hacked There is nothing neither good nor bad about knowledge itself; morality lies in the application of knowledge. ___________________________________________________________
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