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    Sales promotion

    Lu biscuits tasting

    From 1/18/2017 - To 1/30/2017
    Lu commercial department organize biscuit tasting from its brands in all our stores. There will be special discounts on its products.
    Special offers

    5 limes for $2

    From 2/13/2017 - To 1/29/2017
    Special offer on limes at the fresh food department. Get 5 for $2. Origin : Argentina.
    Works council

    Get your cinema tickets

    From 1/20/2017 - To 1/29/2017
    The work council offers to employees 50% discount on cinema tickets for all cinemas. Limit is 15 tickets a year by employee.
    Product recall

    Defects on Elnett aerosol hair sprays

    From 1/20/2017 - To 1/27/2017
    Elseve recalls all aerosol hair sprays with serial number from 34556778 to 987654 for manufacturing defect.
    Sales promotion

    French cheese tasting

    From 2/13/2017 - To 1/27/2017
    For the french gastronomy week, french agricultural cooperatives and french cheese factories made a partnership to offer cheese tasting in all our stores.
    Special offers

    Buy 1 Ariel washing powder get 1 free

    From 1/17/2017 - To 1/28/2017
    Winter discount for Ariel : for 1 washing powder pack purchase get 1 washing powder free.
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