MR.H Or Palestina

Indonesian And Palestina

Sholallahu'ala Muhammad Allahumma A'izzal Islama Wal Muslimin , Allahummangshur Ikhwananal Musliminal Mujahidin Fi Filistiin 🤲🇵🇸.

Syukron Jazakallahu Khoir

#FreePalestine🇵🇸 I'm back hacker named Ximon, 2022 has passed so fast, Palestine needs us, Hackers all over the world Rise up, Our sleep is over, We help Palestine 🇵🇸, They are with the army, we are at war in the Hacking world, I am ready wipe out Israel, wipe out Israeli sites, Remember Hamza? Those who succeeded in breaking into the American Bank Trillions of Rupiah and the money was made to help our Palestinian brothers #FreePalestina🇵🇸 #FreePalestina🇵🇸 #FreePalestina🇵🇸